Montag, 21. Juni 2010

mélange étrange
in 13 tableaus mélange étrange, an installative dance/image/sound-performance carries you off into a moving spacial-sensuous experience: Rhythmicising of image, space, sound, movement - overlapping and friction of the media, as if they did a dance together. Images and film-sequences are being projected onto screens and walls, wilfully confront the performance-space with strange architectoral worlds, and create transcending spaces of their own. They connect with sound-compositions modulated from different musical and everyday sounds, in the midst of which a performer conquers her space in the antagonism of the expansive media.

Step by step the spectator gets led from an outside- everyday environment into the magic of a performance world. Outside spaces, aperture vistas, mirrorings in which the performer, turning her language more and more into a dance, continually gets a stronger impact and in the end encounters the inside space and her virtual self.

Angela Stoecklin artistic direction, choreography, dance, photos
Daniela Zehnder light, projections, photos
Janeth Berrettini video, live-camera
Hermann Buehler sound
Goetz Dihlmann technique
coproduction with Tanzhaus Zurich, February 2010

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