Freitag, 22. März 2019

Festival Instant Composition

the first Festival Instant Composition for dance, artistic and music, in collaboration with the Zirkusquartier Zurich, took place from February 13th to February 17th 2019

for five days dancers, circus artists and musicians celebrated the art of the now. Bridging contemporary dance and circus with performances and workshops eye and ear were invited to open up to the differences and similarities. Habits of watching and listening wanted to be refreshed and movement and composition be played out in multiple and surprising ways.

14.2.      Kuan-Ling Tsai, Angela Stöcklin: dance
               Jan Schacher, Beat Unternährer: music

15.2.      Jonas Althaus: juggling; Volker Böhm: music
               Susanne Sanna Zoll, ropedance; Lia Schädler, akrobatics

16.2.      Lilo Stahl, Michael Schumacher: dance
               Daniel Studer, Harald Kimmig, Alfred Zimmerlin: music

with the kind support of:
Migros Genossenschaft, Stadt Zurich Kultur (Aufführungsbeitrag)

Dienstag, 18. September 2018

city dances

“city dances”wants to bring dance to the people and be inspired by them and urban spaces. Which dances evolve where a city moves and the people of that city dwell?

A group of performers create a dance on several days in an outdoor urban space. 
In front of peoples’ eyes a new performance develops, they are let in into the creation process, and at the same time a performance piece passes by.
“city dances” bases on improvisation and Instant Composition. This art values the influences of the momentary surrounding: sounds, architectural factors, human meetings, and involves these into building form and choreography, without wanting to be participative or provocative.

concept: Angela Stöcklin

"city dances 1": Helvetiaplatz Zurich

24. - 28.09.2018 and 1. - 5. 10.2018          17.15 - 17.45 
dance: Mirjam Bührer, Jael Hiltbrunner, Sonia Rocha, Manel Salas,     
             Angela Stöcklin, Kuan-Ling Tsai, Marco Volta

password: citydances_Zurich_18

with the kind support of Cassinelli-Vogel Stiftung, SIS Schweizer Interpretenstiftug

whole performance Oct 2nd 2018

Password: city_dances_18_10_02

"city dances 2": Shanghai Improvisation Festival

4. September 2019        YUZ Museum
5., 8. September 2019   K11
dance: Angela Stöcklin, Rebecca Weingarten, Zoe Yuchien Cheng, Fei Jing Xiang, Jess, Marsell
music: Eldar Baruch, Wes

Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2017

SPACE nr2, rain

interdisziplinäres Solo

Photos: A. Stöcklin
Schwebende Lichter. Schwingende Flaschen. Irgendwann beginnt es zu tropfen. Stetig, glasklar. Immer mehr und immer lauter. Ihr Körper bahnt sich einen Weg im Wettlauf um Zwischenräume. Zwischen fallen und aufhalten, Sturm und Stille, Licht und Schatten.

Das Spiel mit den künstlerischen Medien ist wie eines mit den Elementen, worin die Performerin das Geschehen in Schach zu halten trachtet.
16., 17. Juni 2017   Rennweg 26, Biel
6. September           Kirche St. Peter & Paul, Bern (Ausschnitt für Scha'aSmanit, Musikfestival Bern)

full Video on demand

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

roundabout, windows of opportunity

a circle, which is surrounded by more or less mirroring panels, roundabout of view-point, view-catching and relating. What playfully begins as search for eye-contact crescendos to a turbulent chase. Joy of playing “I see what you don’t…”and direct or secret observing is the starting point in the field of tension between performers and public.
Photos: Jan Schacher

Angela Stöcklin (concept, dance, set) 
Anselm Caminada (sound)
Antje Brückner (light)

Fr 26. , Sat 27. February 2016 20h, 
Sun 28. February 18h
Sat 12. March 20h, Sun 13. March 18h

Kochareal, Flurstr. 85, 4057 Zurich
(Probebühne Zirkus Chnopf)


with the kind support of Göhner Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, City of Zurich/culture, Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, SIS; Rote Fabrik zurich