Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

roundabout, windows of opportunity

a circle, which is surrounded by more or less mirroring panels, roundabout of view-point, view-catching and relating. What playfully begins as search for eye-contact crescendos to a turbulent chase. Joy of playing “I see what you don’t…”and direct or secret observing is the starting point in the field of tension between performers and public.
Photos: Jan Schacher

Angela Stöcklin (concept, dance, set) 
Anselm Caminada (sound)
Antje Brückner (light)

Fr 26. , Sat 27. February 2016 20h, 
Sun 28. February 18h
Sat 12. March 20h, Sun 13. March 18h

Kochareal, Flurstr. 85, 4057 Zurich
(Probebühne Zirkus Chnopf)


with the kind support of Göhner Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, City of Zurich/culture, Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent, SIS; Rote Fabrik zurich

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