Montag, 21. Juni 2010

inter too

2004 “inter too” (duration: 20 minutes)

concept / performance: Angela Stoecklin
soundcomposition: Philipp Läng
lightdesign: Brigitte Dubach

coproduction  Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zurich, December 2004
further performances  groundzero Theater Baden, January 2005

inter too explores in-between states.
Angela Stöcklin finds herself on a circle as a space between something that isn’t anymore and something that is not yet. A performance, which asks questions about the dissolving and naming of the I, when a moment is not quite tangible anymore.
The composition is a structure with landmarks. In the phases inbetween the events are being developed anew each time.

„ In „inter too“ an introspective woman circles clockwise on stage, then sets rhythmical accents, slows down or accelerates her pace, changes to ambling, adds movements of the arms, builds in turning, moves on the diameter of the circle and in the end runs around the other way... Angela Stöcklin.. in her solo concequently pulls through a certain concept. The work on concentration and reduction of the movement-acts dominate the piece.“ 
(Landbote, Dez. 04)

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