Montag, 21. Juni 2010


2003 “inter”  (sitespecific performance, duration: 12 minutes) 
concept / performance / lightdesign    Angela Stöcklin
sound                      Frank Bretschneider, Robert Babicz, monolake

made for the corridor of Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zurich, February / March 2003

inter is an exploration of catching the „not being in the moment“, halting it, bringing it to consciousness to a „being in the moment“
Corridor as stop inbetween A and B, as transitory space, and in the awareness mostly not in the now and here.
inter  is a game with presence /non-presence, and explores the state of not being in the moment; out of walking it fokusses on unconscious fragments of non-presence, draws them close as if with a zoom and thus gives them presence.

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