Montag, 21. Juni 2010


1992 “Labyrinth” (mini-piece of 6 minutes)
choreography / dance   Angela Stöcklin
music exerpt from Paul Giger’s “Labyrinth
premiere  Tanz in Stücken Zurich, October 1992
further performance 3. Tanzzeitfestival/Tanzwerkstatt Winterthur, November 1992

game between “being moved” and “moving”, or “being led, chased, irritated”, and of when does the I take over direction and leadership
Labyrinth was generated through shere lust in moving and by inspiration of an exerpt of Paul Giger’s music Labyrinth from the film “Chartres”, in which he uses the violin as rhythm - instrument.

„ Labyrinth by Angela Stöcklin lead onto a ridge full of tension: ultimate controle on the one hand side, total letting go on the other. The dancer folllowed the impulses of the music and the body, and still always remained superior in her light and airy movements.“ (NZZ, Nov. 92)

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