Montag, 7. Mai 2012


on a white open field and a space continuously being structured by screens movement (Angela Stoecklin, music (Marie-Cécile Reber) and light and images (Jan Schacher) play and become entwined. They interact in multiple layers of tension between freedom and dependance, structure and limitation, and try themselves with the imposibility of communication. Reciprocal restrictions lead to  breaking out and flight, mutual impulses to an approach, which allows flickering moments of synchronicity. Engagement densifies and transforms, and unnoticably perception shifts.

The interdisciplinary performance „trans-form“ deals with in/dependency and control in relationships and encounters.
Questions about and within the language of medial confrontation are being put. In the juxtaposed fierce yet tender game between human and technology subtly our by media transfused society is being mirrored.

“…there is both, an inner and an outer tension. The body’s steps, the metamorphosis of the light and the many layers of the sound for moments fall into one, …
…the transformation is very well succeeded. The whole piece has a structured dynamics and gives you the feeling of an eternal continuation of the critique and thus self-critique of the physical an psychological limits…”

Kulturkritik, Katalin Leichtfried, 15.2.2012

trans-form is acollaboration of   
Angela Stoecklin                             dance, choreography
Jan Schacher                                    interaction, projection, scenography
Marie-Cécile Reber                         music, composition

February 2/3/4 2012            Theater der Kuenste, Zurich
Febuary 10/11 2012            ProbeBuehne Cîrqu’enflex, Basel
February 23/24 2012            Suedpol Lucerne

Further performances are in planning

Duration: 50 minutes

With the kind support of:
Kanton Zurich., City of Zurich, City of Lucerne FUKA-Fonds, Kanton Lucerne, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Kultur Basel-Stadt, Kopp Maus Foundation, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft Luzern

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